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Since 1995
John Doe


I have worked as a graphic designer since 1995 in different local and transnational advertising agencies like DDBº, Ogilvy and BBDO and I fell in love with the design, its expression and its foundations in our human nature. Throughout my career I have managed the branding of companies such as Claro, Toyota, Digicel (Launching and in-house), Unitec, Ron Bacardi, Van Heusen, Dunkin Donuts, Popeyes.

New Passion
Jane Helf


Since 2003 I started to be passionate about web design in local digital agencies and I discovered this new passion of two "supposedly opposite" worlds and separated in theory for graphic designers which has led me to update myself learning programming languages for web and For mobile application design.

Joshua Insanus


- Graphic Design: branding, typography, packaging, signage

- Web design: UX for websites and applications on mobile devices, writing HTML / CSS languages, adapting jQuery scripts for websites, adapting themes for wordpress.

Personal time
Joshua Insanus


I dedicate my free time as a volunteer assistant to the Air Scout Group #8 Brownsea, working with adolescents between 11 and 15 years old in character formation based on a series of educational goals through play and scout camps

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